Album 01
released November 13, 2009
in conjunction with a solo exhibition
at Electric Works, San Francisco

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  About ALBUM:

I've always liked the idea of musicians putting out an album a year; each stands alone and explores its own direction, while neatly lining up to catalog a life's work.

I also love series. Whether it be cartoons, books or television, I am irrestibly drawn to series, and am equally inclined to make them.

In 2008 I had been writing and drawing my strip All Over Coffee for five years and needed a creative break. I wanted to produce a body of work that stood alone, that I could explore, then retire. Yet I still had the desire to create a series, so I combined these two contradictory impulses to create Album: A series of individual works, where no two books need be alike in appearance or theme.

The unifying element that makes Album a series (rather than just a string of random books) is the creative process and intent that I plan to apply when entering each body of work. I can best define this as an openess for new exploration and discovery. I believe if I enter each issue with that mindset, then all the books will resonate with a similar undertone, resulting in a series based on process rather than style or content.

One of the goals of this project is to enable me publish one book roughly every year, mimicking the idea of cutting a music album a year. Since I publish other books, I won't necessarily be making an Album every year, but Album will be there when I want to meet that goal. For example, my new book of All Over Coffee has just come out, so that is my book for 2011. Coffee books can occur only every 3 or 4 years, though, so in 2012, I plan to release the second Album.

At the moment I imagine Album to be a ten year project, but I'm sure that will get tweaked over time.

- Paul Madonna 04 23 11
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